MKH utilise safety equipment to ensure the safety of our staff and your property.

We use access equipment including ladders and roofing ladders to gain access to your roof. When this is achieved a fall arrest system will be put in place.

The fall arrest system comprises of the use of a harness, climbing rope and rope grab, the rope grab is attached to the operative via a harness and allows freedom of movement at slow speed, if the operative makes a sudden movement, slips or falls the rope grab will lock in place preventing a fall.

Safety at heights

Working Together For A Safe Clean

There will always be at least two operatives working together this is to ensure that should an incident occur there will be someone immediately at hand to aid any situation. At no time will an operative be detached from his fall arrest system whilst working on the roof.

Communication devices such as a mobile phone or two way radio devices form part of the equipment used to access the roof.