We believe that a traditional roof should keep its traditional look by not by colouring / painting / spraying or re coating the original tile. The process would be similar to the way you would clean your patio slabs to keep its appeal.

Safety First

The safest and most efficient way to remove moss from a roof is a dry clean with hand tools and the correct access and safety equipment.

Before starting a full survey of the exterior of the property is required, to establish safe access to the roof.  Children and pets are to be kept indoors and any obstructions that would hinder the safe access to the roof, be removed or avoided. Ladders and roof ladders are strapped in position and fall protection is employed, a harness and rope are attached to each of the operatives.

tiles before hand cleaning

Cleaned & Tidy

Working from the top of the roof, the moss is scraped or brushed down the roof to a temporary snowboard like strip to catch the moss.

The moss is then collected and bagged for safe removal and disposal.

Treated Roofs Stay Cleaner, Longer

Once the removal of the moss is complete we then apply a biocide to inhibit the re growth of the moss, the biocide also has a gentle cleansing affect that will clean the tile gently over a period of months.

The biocide is a powerful moss and weed killer that has undergone rigorous checks and has been approved by the Health and Safety Executive HSE No.8430. The biocide is safe to wildlife, plants and domestic pets it does not stain and has no colouring.

tiles after hand cleaning biocidal treatment

Professional Cleaning

The chemicals that we use are for professional use only and are not available at DIY stores or garden centres.

roof before and after professional cleaning and biocidal treatment

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